'Tempray Hair Coloring/Enhancement Tint spray' 250ml
'Tempray Hair Coloring/Enhancement Tint spray' 250ml

'Tempray Hair Coloring/Enhancement Tint spray' 250ml

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Features & details

【Instant Gray Coverage】 ImmortalNyc Temporary Hair Color Spray offers a quick and effective solution, concealing gray roots in seconds with a lightweight formula that provides a natural-looking color match and seamless blend with your existing hair tone.

【Ideal for Touch-Ups Between Salon Visits】 Maintain a sleek, professional look between salon visits with exceptional coverage that withstands daily activities, ensuring your hair stays consistently polished with vibrant color and shine. Perfect for men and women to use at home.

【Easy & Temporary】 This color spray offers a non-permanent solution, giving a lasting hue for days with the ease of shampoo washout. It's mess-free, simple to use, and features a precise pointed nozzle for targeted application.

【No Stickiness & Harsh Ingredients】 Free from ammonia, bleach, or peroxide; this highly water-resistant, smudge-proof formula is enriched with olive oil. It's pillow-friendly and dries instantly in just 1 minute.

【Water-Resistant】 The color spray showcases a smudge-proof and water-resistant technology, ensuring your color stays vibrant and unblemished throughout any activity.

【Ideal for Any Occasion】 Our hair spray is the ideal choice for a myriad of occasions, encompassing daily use, dates, parties, cosplay events, masquerades, Halloween, Christmas, Crazy Hair Day, birthdays, weddings, club nights, engagements, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and various festivals. Transform your look and enjoy a fantastically fun hair coloring experience with this temporary hair dye spray.